Friday we were supposed to get a foot of snow. When I looked outside the window at 3am, there was no snow. When we woke at 7am, there was barely a skiff. The storm ended up moving south, and we were spared. The snow we did get, melted by days end.

I started feeling a sore throat come on last night. I woke this morning with a full on sore throat, a headache and a runny nose. All that on top of the canker sore I’ve had for two days. So I don’t feel great. The weather is gorgeous, and I don’t feel like doing anything but sleeping. We’ll pray I feel better tomorrow. It’s just a cold, it could be much worse.

We didn’t find time to watch Flags Of Our Fathers, perhaps another time. We did watch Flushed Away, which was kinda funny. Diane is bringing us Casino Royale, so we’ll finally see it. I’ve heard good stuff about it from everyone.

Not much else to share. I’ll close with a quote from my favorite movie, Hackers.

Mrs. Murphy: Dade?
Dade Murphy: Yeah, ma?
Mrs. Murphy: What are you doing?
Dade Murphy: I’m taking over a TV network.
Mrs. Murphy: Finish up, honey, and get to sleep.

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