First off, this post isn’t directed at any one person. It’s the result of several tiny things that accumulated into me wanting to hide away and shut out the world.

Yes, I’m still pregnant. Yes, I was due last week. This is why we haven’t called people to tell them about the birth. There hasn’t been a birth to tell about. I don’t have the answers you want, and when you ask me why this or why that, it hurts me. Do you people really think we’d have a baby and not tell you?

I’m overly emotional. I’m pregnant. I want to have this baby, and I wanted to have had it by now. But I can’t control the timing of this delivery (at this point). I’m healthy (except for being stressed out), and the baby is healthy too.

All I ask is for you to keep us in your prayers, and join us in being patient. I don’t really want to talk much more about it other than that. Trust us, when he arrives, we’ll let you know.

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