So we got home safely on Sunday night, drove right to Jim N Nicks for takeout. Monday morning Elijah woke up saying he had a tummy ache. All he had was some orange juice. Then after Daddy went to work, he said my tummy hurts, started to bounce and whine and then blah, he threw up on the loveseat. He ended up throwing up 3 or four times, but by the third time I could see the signs and tried to get him to go in the bucket. No luck. Tuesday he woke up with a fever. He came down for breakfast (oatmeal) and then when right back to bed for 2 hours. We vegged and watched movies all day, then he went down for a 3 hr nap in the afternoon. We had stirfry for dinner, and an hour later, I told Geoff I didn’t feel so good.

Boom, I spent from 7:30pm until maybe 4:30am dashing to the bathroom every ten minutes. I spent a lot of time on our floor, whining and praying for death. I couldn’t sit up without getting dizzy. Praise The Lord that the kids slept all night. What would we have done? In rotten timing, Geoff’s magnet called him all night long wanting attention. So he was in and out of the house all night, getting maybe an hour or so sleep before his drama started.

Wednesday Geoff stayed home to take care of the kids and help me out. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to feed Miles, so we tried to give him some formula. He wasn’t crazy about that. I was able to feed him, but it was very draining. I was also able to nap twice, and I took some Tylenol to help with the pain. It wasn’t until the afternoon that I was finally able to keep my water down.

Praise The Lord again that the kids went to bed early and slept the whole night! We went to bed at 8:15 and woke at 6. I am trying to take it easy, and not over-exert myself. Which is hard, because I see all theses things that need to be done. Pray for me to rest, for Geoff and I to catch up on sleep (as best as parents can), and for the kids to continue to be good boys.

I’ll blog about vacation later.

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