Top Chef Tour

Top Chef Alums Ryan Scott & Richard Blais

I was ecstatic to hear that the Top Chef Tour was returning to Denver this year. Geoff and I have watched every episode, including Top Chef Masters. I was intrigued by the idea of being able to taste a dish, since that is obviously missed by just watching the show. My excitement was pushed over the edge when I secured my tickets and found out one of my favorite chefs would be there. The chefs for the Denver tour would be Ryan Scott and Richard Blais, both from season 4. Richard is one of my fav chefs from the entire series. His talent, and love of cooking came across both on the show and in person. I had to restrain myself from getting all stalker on him and repeating to him stuff he had said on the show, 3 years ago. Hey, I told you I’ve seen every season, I also watch the re-runs whenever they air.

Geoff & I with Ryan Scott

Me with Richard Blais

I was able to meet both chefs, and enjoy some humorous banter while they cooked a dish for us and 40 other fans. What did I learn?

1. Ryan says always let your meat rest before you cut into it. He suggests you wait as long as it takes to drink 2 beers.

2. Every time you say “blaised carrots”, Richard gets $6 from the copyright.

3. If you are looking to add the umami (the 5th taste) effect to your food, add some worchestershire sauce.

Here is the dish they prepared:

Leg of lamb with a lima bean ragoût, a tomato, raisin, date chutney, some goat yogurt foam, topped with sea beans and pearl onions

It was a fun event, and I would totally go again. I’m interested to see what lies ahead when Top Chef returns for season 7 next week.

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