Thursday Thursday

One more day until we become a normal family again. 🙂

Tuesday night, I watched House (AWESOME!). Lisa watched it too, and interpreted something different than I did, so it wasn’t a big shock to her to learn Wilson’s secret (I gasped). Wednesday morning I watched Scrubs, which I had sort of taped, and nearly cried. It was a combination of them picking the right song for the scene, it was so well done. It also helps that it’s my current favorite song. But then Scrubs is always good about picking great music.

Wednesday night’s tv was Top Chef and….dun dun dun! Stephen got the boot!

Today I had my last Mom To Mom. It was our farewell brunch, I brought devil cookies.

After much thought, I think I will return to MTM next year. I do value the friendships I made there, and I hope to continue them over the summer. I already have one coffee date scheduled for tomorrow, and another one will be in May. here’s a picture of my group, minus Temple (on vacation) and Denise (just had a baby).

Tonight, I was able to have a long phone call with Athena. Yay! It was just like old times (B.S. – Before Stephanie). I hope we can do it again really soon. There is always so much to talk about, and now we get to add Mom stuff to it. After I got off the phone, Elijah and I crashed the Building Brothers meeting. I told them I would, but I don’t think they believed me. It wasn’t quite what I thought it would be, and Geoff, I don’t think I’ll do it again. It was too manly for me. (I’ll tell you about it tomorrow)

Tomorrow, I’m going to go for a walk. Having the car this week spoiled me, and I didn’t get out much. I need the fresh air, and it’s so nice here. I think it’s going to rain tonight, which would be nice, I was too hot last night.

I think I’ll leave the tv off for the night and just lie on the couch and read. As soon as I finish my current book (which I should do tonight), I’m going to read a book Kelly recommended. It’s called The Portrait, by Iain Pears. The premise sounded interesting, and it is a short book.

Speaking of books, Kelly, roman and I brainstormed a book idea while they were here. I keep thinking about it, and it might make a good short story. I may end up jotting some ideas around, but since Kelly clearly has the writing skills, I’ll leave it in her busy hands to polish. 🙂 I’m not going to reveal the idea, because you all might steal it! And I could use the money.

I’ll close with a quote from this week’s episode of House.

House: He is not a saint. He figures out what’s going on in people’s lives by watching, listening, deducing…
Dr. Wilson: And you’re worried about trademark infringement?

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