The Water Bottle

After two years of using our stainless steel water bottles, we decided to get some for the boys. The trigger was our car trip up to Canada. I wanted them to be able to have water when they needed it. I got them each one from Target, which I regretted. Not that they were not any good, but I was not able to purchase a drinking nozzle for them. They still served their purpose, until I left them at my brother’s house, along with mine & Geoff’s. Before leaving Calgary, I decided we needed new ones, we couldn’t wait for them to arrive. We hit up a camping store in the mall, and upon Geoff’s recommendation, we bought 4 new Nathan Hydration stainless steel bottles for everyone.

Nathan’s stainless steel bottles for kids. Photo courtesy of Nathan Sports

This was going to work out great for Elijah, who would be bringing a water bottle to school. Except it didn’t work out so great. Day one of school, he lost the straw inside. Okay, he has backup. After two weeks, the nozzle broke off the lid.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

See the missing knob on the right side?

See the plastic knob wedged in the hole?

I went online to Nathan’s website to discover they don’t sell replacement lids. And I wasn’t thrilled about spending another $15 on a new bottle. I contacted them through their website. No response. A month later, sent another email. No response. Then I sent them a curt tweet. A week later, I hear from them, on twitter.

They said it sounds to them like it was a product fail, and they are sending us a new lid. Finally. Now I don’t have to steer people away from them.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty brand loyal. If a product is good, I will hype it to everyone I meet. But if you or your customer service disappoint, I’ll be sure to tell people too.

So Nathan is back on my good side. 🙂

Seriously. Nathan Hydration water bottles are good, and it is unfortunate that Elijah got one with a bad lid. He has been using the lid from Miles’ bottle, since Miles doesn’t really need one for school. I’ll be much happier once the new lid arrives.

***Update*** Nathan sent us a whole new water bottle for Elijah. Thank you Nathan!

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