The Right Four Chords Can Make Me Cry

I have always loved that lyric, I think it sums me up nicely. Music is always able to provoke me, in good ways, in and bad ways. There’s always some tune playing in my head all the time, or I’m singing something.

I’ve been listening to Paul Bellows’ album Juliet Pauses. It’s a great album (available on iTunes!), I only wish I’d had it when I had my show on KUCI. I emailed Paul to let him know how much I am enjoying the album, and he said thanks, and he’s going to try to send me a Splendourbog t-shirt. I bought one for Meg years ago, and always wished I had gotten one for myself. Now I might. 🙂

I got a cd of the pictures Athena took at the baby shower, along with some printed ones. (Thanks Athena!) I’m going to Jayla’s on Saturday to scrapbook for a bit, and I am hoping to stop in at Hallmark on the way there (Ornament Premiere). Dave & Jayla are selling their house. It’s not the house for us, no dining room. And that’s important to me. But it’s a gorgeous home.

We met with the bank yesterday, and we’re in a good position to buy a house/condo. We need to get some stuff put together, but maybe in August we’ll be ready to get serious about looking. So we’re fairly certain we won’t be in this apartment much longer. If we can’t get a house right away, we’ll still move into a bigger apartment to save our pennies. I’m excited about the idea of spending Christmas in a new place.

Well, I want to get out for a walk before it gets too hot. I’ll close with a quote from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

Dead Bill: Ted, you know, if I die, you can have my Megadeth collection.
Dead Ted: But dude, we are already dead.
Dead Bill: Oh. Well then they’re yours, dude.

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