The Night My Disney Dreams Did Not Come True. (Now With Happy Ending!)

When I was younger, my parents used to take me to see the Ice Capades. I loved it. I don’t know if all little girls who grow up in Canada dream of being graceful on ice, but I did. I lacked a lot of skill on skates, but it did not stop me from pretending I was a figure skater. Skating on the outdoor rink, I’d have my walkman blasting my favorite tunes, and I’d close my eyes for brief moments and imagine how wonderful I was.

I won four tickets for us to see Disney On Ice for Wednesday night. I was stoked. Getting to see figure skating live (which I hadn’t done since 1994), and sharing the excitement of the show with my boys filled me with promise. Yes, it’s figure skating, and yes they are boys, but hey it’s Disney! They could watch their favorite characters doing tricks on ice. I was certain they’d love it.

Even Geoff who isn’t a big figure skating fan (or at all), conceded to joining us. It would be a family evening. We drove our car to the train station and waited for it to arrive. We rarely drive downtown, taking the light rail is cheaper. We arrived at Pepsi Center to see an empty parking lot. My stomach sunk. “This can’t be right. Where are the cars?” The closer we got to the entrance we could see the escalators were turned off. The kids complained they were cold, couldn’t we go in? I checked my phone, and when I googled Disney On Ice Denver, it told me tickets could be bought for the show at Denver Coliseum. My heart sunk. How could I have been so mistaken?

It was now ten minutes before the show started. To get back to the car and drive there would take us at least 30 minutes. Miles cried, Elijah was heartbroken, and I felt like a heel. “I wanna see Batman” Miles wailed (he wouldn’t accept that Batman wouldn’t be there). Trying to explain it to the children, while my own heart was aching that we wouldn’t be going to the show… painful. Once we got back to our warm car, I offered them anything they wanted to do. Ice cream! So we drove homeward, heading to the Coldstone near our house.

This morning when I woke, I went back to the website I won the tickets from. On their site, they say Disney On Ice at the Pepsi Center. Knowing the fault wasn’t mine, I didn’t feel as bad.

Someday I’ll get back to the show. And I will get the venue right. And we’ll have a magical time.
My efforts to contact the website were successful, and with a lot of apologies, they are giving us tickets to tonight’s show. The Marketing people for Disney also saw this blogpost and helped arrange this remedy. I am well pleased that this problem was able to be fixed. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “The Night My Disney Dreams Did Not Come True. (Now With Happy Ending!)

  1. Melissa, I am the Marketing Director for Disney On Ice in Denver. I have spoken with the editor of the third party website from which you won the free tickets to last night's show and told her we would be happy to give you tickets to tonight's (Thursday) show so you can still experience the show despite listing the wrong arena name. We apologize that a partner of ours provided incorrect information. Please contact as soon as you can to arrange for your new tickets for tonight's show.


  2. Melissa – I am so very sorry I made the error. It wasn't Disney or Savvy Source's fault. It was mine. As soon as I learned you missed the show, I worked to make it right. Tracy and Disney are amazing and have re-issued you tickets for tonight's show. I hope you and your family have a great time tonight. And again, I'm so sorry for sending your family out last night to the wrong location.


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