The Law Offices Of…

We went to a law office this morning, after failing to get our letter notarized at the bank. The bank couldn’t do it because we had the wrong verbage. Luckily there is a law office behind the liquor store, beside the King Soopers. They were very nice, edited our letter and notarized it for free. If I ever need a lawyer, I’ll be going there.

Because the liquor store had a sign out front advertising a sale on Geoff’s favorite beer, Flying Dog, we stopped in and bought a 12 pack. It felt weird buying beer at 9am. I guess it will be nice for him to have here once we get back. It’s not like he won’t be having beer in Canada, I mean who are we kidding?

So now all that’s left for the trip is laundry, packing and going. Excited? Not really. Stressed? Not as much as I was a few days ago. I don’t know how much blogging will get done in Edmonton. We’ll have the laptop, but we need to find out where there is wi-fi, and if it’s free all the better. I’ll try looking online, but Chris, if you know a place, let me know. I figure of all the Edmontonians who read this, Chris would be the one who would know.

A few of my friends (Chris, Ashley, and Roland) posted a theology quiz on their blogs, and my result was 71% Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan. I’m not sure what it means, so I may look into that. Some of the questions weren’t understandable to me, so I’d choose the middle. It was interesting though, and made me think about what I would answer.

Anyways, I’m going to close now with a quote from I.Q.

Albert Einstein: Are you thinking what I am thinking?
Ed Walters: Well what would be the odds of that happening?

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