The Final Countdown

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Even with the house only 50% packed, I feel at peace about all the work left to do. At least I do today. We’ve mapped our last meals here, so I know what dishes we need, and I can take care of more kitchen stuff. So long as the bank people are doing their thing to make the loan money ready for Friday, everything will go smoothly.

We did some house shopping this weekend, and we bought furniture for the living room. We are really happy with it, and it will get delivered after we move in. Here’s a picture of it, sadly you can’t feel how soft the material is.

I’m going to the eye doctor tomorrow. I’ve been wanting to get new glasses for a few years, and I wanted to take advantage of the eye doctor being across the street from us. Wednesday Mary and I are having lunch at the museum. Martin (Mary’s husband) has been told by his work they want him to move. They offered 3 different cities, but really they want him in a specific one, L.A. Mary refuses to move to L.A., saying she does not want to raise her kids there. Plus, the company would not pay for a cost of living increase. She said he may just leave altogether and get a job with a different company. It wouldn’t pay as much, but they could stay here. She said once they (the company) asked them to move to Alberta, and Mary considered it. Martin is a geologist that works for an oil company. So yeah, Alberta would be a good place for him. Time will tell what’s going to happen, but Mary won’t make an decision until the school year is over.

I didn’t watch the Emmys, but I flipped to it a few times. I LOVED Felicity’s dress, but then I always love her dresses. I was thrilled to find out she won, she deserves it (I don’t watch Desperate Housewives, I’m a die hard Sports Night fan). I was also lucky enough to have flipped at the right time to see Zach Braff present with Hugh Laurie. I thought they made an good pair. In other tv news, I have convinced Geoff to give a new show a try, so we’ll tune in to Kitchen Confidential tonight. Hopefully it will be a good show. I only get to adopt one new show a year, but this looked okay. I realize I’m taking my chances by picking a Fox show. They are so quick to axe shows, so who knows how long it will last.

I’m going to close with a quote from Blackadder.

Captain Darling: I’m as British as Queen Victoria!
Captain Blackadder: So your father’s German, you’re half German, and you married a German!

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