The Brown Palace- A Denver Must-See

It’s a shame that I’ve lived in Denver for the last 8 years, and never set foot inside the beautiful Brown Palace. It has been in downtown Denver since 1892. I was able to attend their inaugural Tweet-up on Thursday night. 50 Denver area tweeps & bloggers filled the atrium lobby.

Atrium Lobby at the Brown Palace

We were treated to a sample of the Brown Palace’s restaurants & services. A fantastic five minute massage in the spa, allowed us to see the relaxing area set aside for couples massages. The Ship Tavern, the casual restaurant, offered prime rib, while the upscale Palace Arms sampled crab cakes & bananas foster. The lobby held for us a great jazz band, while drinks (champagne, The Rhuberry, and other signature cocktails) and a cheese platter were served. A visit to Ellyngton’s, home to the Brown Palace’s Sunday Champagne Brunch, tickled our tastebuds with a yummy selection of desserts.

My Dessert Selections

Cristina, one of the staff members of the Brown Palace, took us on our tour of some of the rooms you can stay in. There are 241 rooms and suites, ranging from a traditional room, to Top Of The Brown, all the way to the Presidential Suite. One of the cool add-on options in the Top Of The Brown rooms (8th & 9th floors), is the Butler Brigade. Your own butler. For real.

If you can’t getaway for the night, consider making reservations for the historic tour (Wednesdays and Saturdays). It’s $10/person (free for guests), and lasts 75 minutes. This hotel has a lot of history. They also have a ghost tour, which is quite popular.

Now for you Colorado residents, you’ll want to jump on this new program from the Brown Palace-Palace Preferred. By signing up, you get discounts on the spa, valet parking and the restaurants, as well room upgrades & a special price on room reservations.

Who doesn’t need to be treated like royalty once in a while?


*Disclaimer- I was not paid by the Brown Palace for this write-up. I was just a guest at the tweet-up who had a fabulous time. I did however win a prize- A free brunch for two at Ellyngton’s. Thank you to Turner PR & The Brown Palace for a great event!

4 thoughts on “The Brown Palace- A Denver Must-See

  1. Great, accurate and informative review, Melissa! I should know, I was lucky enough to join you in that atrium. I too, had not stepped inside the doors of the BP, and I’ve wanted to since living here for nearly 6 years. So you beat me by two years. Shame no more! But I’m anxious to tell others to add this to their itinerary, I love the idea of the Historic & Ghost tours. I’d imagine with some of its history, some of the ghosts are historical 🙂

  2. I loved it! What a great write up – but nothing can convey how great the staff and food and signature drinks are without actually being there. It tops expectations for sure! Everyone should go! 😉

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