Take It Easy?

I’ve recovered from my yucky bout of the flu. Yay! I feel back to normal today, and was happy to go to Mom To Mom. It snowed last night (why does it always snow the night before I have to drive somewhere?!), so it made for a slow drive to Geoff’s work, and not as slow out to MTM. Usually Thursday mornings tucker out the little tucker, but not today, he’s just finally going for his nap now at 3pm. My friend Jan came over to watch him while I took Honey Cat for her yearly check-up, and they both seemed fine when I got back 50 minutes later. Honey Cat is in great shape for her age, the vet was impressed. The one thing she needs, didn’t surprise me, but disappointed Geoff, Honey needs to get her teeth cleaned again. It’s been two years since her last dentist visit, so I’m not surprised, I expected she’d have teeth/gum issues. But she’s a member of this family, and her teeth are hurting, so we have to get that fixed. I doesn’t look like she’ll need any teeth removed, so hopefully it will stay this way. We really should think about pet insurance. 🙂

Well, I have an hour to squeeze in a nap before we have to go get Geoff. Sucks having only one car, but we can’t afford two. That was a choice we made, to have a nice house and no second car.

I’ll close with a quote from Just Shoot Me.

Nina: Honesty is one of those things people say they want, but they really don’t, like education or children

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