I feel like summer has been kicked off already. We had a lovely trip to Steamboat Springs, my race went well (see my training blog for more info), and the weather was perfect. Right our weather is sitting in the 70-80F range which is great. I’ll be sad when it climbs higher, because then it’s just too hot.

What have I been up to? Not much. I have summer bible study coming up soon, which I hope I will be able to do. Like everyone else, I’m waiting for baby Gustafson to arrive. I am anxious to know her name, and to see Kevin & Ali become parents. I also (selfishly) am anxious for Kroliks to come back to visit. 🙂 Lexi is coming for a few weeks in July, and has graciously offered a few nights babysitting for us. July we will also go camping, for the first time in Colorado. I think we have our campground picked out, we just need to set the dates.

I need a haircut, badly. I’ve been putting it off for a long while (last haircut was August 2006), as I can’t decide what I want to do with my hair. I think I better commit soon, after all, hair grows back.

I finally finished watching Twin Peaks. I had never seen the entire series, and I got the gold box edition for my birthday. Now I’m bummed because it’s over, and I wanted to know my favorite characters go on to live a happy life. Sadly, this was not the case. Now I hope to plow through the disk of special features. On the plus side, this means I won’t be watching it before bedtime, and giving myself nightmares. Come on, Bob is scary!

I blogged a few weeks ago about my passport expiring, and you’ll be thrilled to know I got it in record time. Seriously, from mail date to Canada, to DHL delivering it to me, it was 10 days. Nice eh?

Now that my half marathon is over, I have my sights set on taking the rock climbing class at the Trails this summer. I might try and get a girlfriend to do it with me. I may never get out into nature and climb a rock or a mountain, but I do plan on using the wall at the gym for exercise.

I’m gonna close now with a quote from Big Daddy.

Nazo: I had a doll like that once but my cat bit his head off.
Julian: What kind of cat would do that?
Nazo: Are you calling me a liar?

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