Summer Is Nearly Here

Sorry about the lack of posts. Part of it is laziness, and part of it is waiting for something to happen that is worth writing about.

Where do I start? Um, I made some new friends. I’ve been visiting the Mile High Mamas website for a while, and then there was a post about free zoo tickets. so I grabbed some and found out which other mamas were going and could we meet. I was so nervous, it felt a little like high school, would they like me? Would they already be clique-y? Well, they were awesome, and my kids were happy to meet new people too. *Pictures are up on Shutterfly*

Sunday Elijah was invited to Connor’ b-day party at Party On, where he climbed and explored in a few inflatable structures. He had a blast. While we there, Daddy & Miles were out shopping at REI & B&N. Meanwhile, our side of town was being pelted with golfball sized hail and a tornado touched down at Southlands. Now if you’ve visited us, odds are high we’ve taken you to Southlands, so you know the proximity we are to the mall. Our house saw little damage, we are having the roof inspected just in case. The only visible sign of a storm was the hail on the lawn and Lola took a hit. I think she’ll pull through she’s a tough little tomato plant!

Elijah is on his last week of school. I found out his teachers (all but one) are leaving to teach somewhere else next year. I’m happy he’ll still have one familiar teacher, and hopefully a few familiar classmates.

Our camping weekend is just 2 weeks away, and I was excited to hear that there are going to be 3 weekends this summer where National Parks don’t charge an entrance fee. I want to take advantage of that and Geoff is keen on trying to camp again this summer.

I’m off this morning to buy a wagon from someone off Craigslit. The kids feel in love with one when we were at the zoo, so I figured our best (and cheapest) bet was to get one second hand.

I’m gonna close with a quote from Peep.
Beaver Boy’s Dad: Never touch a beaver’s dam sailor!

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