Sucks Eggs

I’m sick. And this totally sucks eggs.

It started out as a sore throat, then progressed into my whole body aching. I have a sporadic cough, and I’m taking Tylenol to get through the day. I am not sleeping well, so I feel rotten. Elijah has had a runny nose for 2 days, so needless to say, we didn’t make it to church this weekend.

Did a whole lot of resting, just trying to recoop. We watched The Good German, and it was alright. Being sick, I had a hard time following it at times, but it was visually appealing. The acting was good, and I have to agree with my movie critic, the ending left something to be desired.

We have a few more movies to watch in the coming days. Stranger Than Fiction, The Prestige, & The Departed. On tv, Top Chef has returned, and I was happy to read on Colicchio’s blog that the cast selected this year was nominated by chefs they know and respect. I still have the hope of eating at one of Tom Colicchio’s restaurants.

It’s very hot here. We’re in the 90s all week (that’s 30s for you Canucks)

Well, I’ll close with a quote from Wonder Boys.

James Leer: Now, that is a big trunk. It holds a tuba, a suitcase, a dead dog, and a garment bag almost perfectly.
Grady Tripp: That’s just what they used to say in the ads.

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