Still Here

I’m still here, I’m just too busy to blog. Funny thing is when I am running endless laps at the gym, I’m thinking about emails I need to send, or blog stuff I want to write. I think about the unresolved issues I have with people, and pray for resolve to be the bigger better person and make an effort with them. Then I get that non-Jesus thought that says, why bother, it hasn’t made a difference before, why would it now? So as you can see, I am far from perfect, and I don’t claim to be.

Yes, I am busy being Mommy, and training. I am on top of my bible study homework, and on top of blogging about my training.

We had birthday cake for the boys on the weekend, and I finally got those pics up on Shutterfly. When Elijah opens his gifts, those pics will go up too.

Also on the weekend we were finally able to see Bourne Ultimatum (which I got back in January). You want a good action flick, you watch a Bourne movie.

Date Night is back on! Thankfully we were able to get to Kevin & Ali before March filled up. Elijah is so excited about sleeping over there. It’ll be an adventure I’m sure.

I’ll close with a quote from Bourne Ultimatum.

Noah Vosen: [in car, on cell phone] Perhaps we can arrange a meet.
Jason Bourne: Where are you now?
Noah Vosen: I’m sitting in my office.
Jason Bourne: I doubt that.
Noah Vosen: Why would you doubt that?
Jason Bourne: If you were in your office right now we’d be having this conversation face-to-face.

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