Soooo Cheesy!

Celebrity Poker Showdown with the new Phil was just awkward. It was cheesy, and did not flow well. Perhaps he’ll get better. It might also help if Dave wasn’t as drunk.

I’m only 12 years late… I finally saw Speed. Yeah, I’d never seen it before. The acting was meh, the dialogue was bleh, but it had cool explosions. So overall, I’d say cheesy, but entertaining. 🙂

Wednesday I was feeling a little stressed about the trip, but today everything fell into place. Now I feel better. All I want now is for us to get a seat for Elijah on the plane, and I’ll be happy.

Last night I dreamt I was on the set of House, talking with the cast (specifically RSL). Geoff dreamt he was on Top Chef, and that he was Harold. He wins for weirdest dream.

I can’t wait to get to San Diego. Saturday we meet up with Geoff’s old UCI buds, and Saturday night, the godparents are coming down to help Geoff “carb up”. I found a neat restaurant I hope we can go to. Apparently it’s a chain (they have some in CO), and Greg really likes it there.

I’ll close with a quote from Speed so you get a taste of the cheesy writing. (No offense Joss)

Howard Payne: There’s gonna come a time, boy, when you will wish you never met me.
Jack: Mister, I’m already there!

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