So It Begins…Or So It Ends

Got this email today. I’m super stoked!

Friday the 13th
January 2006

Less than two weeks after 2006 arrived amidst great excitement and optimism, something terrible happened at 12:01 a.m. this morning: Friday the 13th arrived.

Under normal circumstances, today’s date would be unfortunate. This year, it is even more ominous, a word which here means “extremely worrisome.” That is because this terribly unlucky day occurs TWICE in 2006.

Associates at predict that the second time, Friday, October 13, will bring The End. Of what, however–the Baudelaire orphans? Lemony Snicket himself? Thursday, October 12th?–remains unclear.

There is much to fear in the coming months–alarming puzzles, distressing notations, a series of communications from someone named Beatrice. All of us at AuthorTracker will continue to try to locate the elusive Mr. Snicket, gather information, understand the truth, and share our findings with you.

Still, we are sorry to ruin your year after only 12 days. Perhaps 2007 will be cheerier.

With all due respect,

Harper Collins Publishers

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