Snow Snow Go Away

A change in the weather schedule, now “round 4” as the meteorologists are calling it, is coming on Thursday, instead of Friday. What a nice birthday present from Mother Nature. They think it might be the end of them for a while. Let’s hope so, I mean 4 storms in 4 weeks, it’s ridiculous.

We got out on Saturday and did grocery shopping and a trip to Home Depot. Then we spent the rest of the day hanging around the house, and feeling bummed out about the next storm. It just puts a damper on the weekends. We cancelled our date, and we’ll reschedule it for a later time. We still spent time together though. Sunday after church we went to the pool to play. It must have been good exercise, because my muscles hurt today.

Just for fun, I started a registry at Crate & Barrel. I thought what the hey! It’s our tenth anniversary next month, and it’ll be good come Christmas time too. I love wishlists, what can I say?

In tv land…House finally returns this week. Yay! I’ve been watching Top Chef and this last week, it took a turn for the interesting. People I liked before, I certainly don’t think much of now. I thought it was so childish for all of them to gang up on Marcel, even if he can be annoying.I’m closing with the best line from the epsiode.

“If I was a trout, maybe I’d envy a salmon”. -Michael (Top Chef)

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