Sorry I haven’t blogged for you dear readers, but I was occupied entertaining my mom while she came for a short visit. Geoff was away all week in Monterey, and I’d like to tell you he had a blast, but the week turned yucky for him when he got the flu. Hopefully the rest of us will not catch it upon his return. Or I’ll be really mad!

Tomorrow night is date night, because even if Geoff is sick, we are not rescheduling. I hope to be able to blog about how awesome the hotel & restaurant are. Let the record show that I am breaking out of my comfort box, and going someplace I probably wouldn’t have tried before.

So now that the writers are back, new episodes will return end of April. Lost you’re gonna kill me! I think after next week’s episode I’ll go crazy without knowing what’s next. I guess I’ll have to watch the episodes I have on the DVR to get me through. Or I’ll try to get the old seasons from the library.

I’ll close with a quote from last week’s episode.

Jack: You people have therapists?
Juliet: It’s very stressful being an Other, Jack

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