She’s Lucky We Love Her

Sweet little Honey Cat is lucky we love her so much. The dentist bill was more than we anticipated, so it has been put on hold for a little while. We need to save some money up, and then we’ll go back and get it taken care of. But today she had the cleaning done.

Elijah had fun at MTM, I had an okay time. I mostly enjoyed the fellowship, and God Bless the person who brought powdered donut holes!

Last night we watched Walk The Line. It was good, I dug the music, and Reese Witherspoon was wonderful. I also really liked Ginnifer Goodwin’s performance. She’s a great actress, I loved her on Ed (the tv show), and Mona Lisa Smile.

Got the word, Kelly’s coming to CO in April. Whoo-hoo! April will be a busy month with Glen & Diane also coming for a visit, and Geoff going back out to CA for a conference. Ah but busy can be good.

Been trying to catch Deal Or No Deal this week, but things keep coming up at 7 preventing me to watching a whole episode. I’ll aim to catch the reruns on CNBC. House is back next week, and we caught up on the Scrubs episodes from a few weeks ago.

I’ll be tuning into the Oscars Sunday night, and rooting for Walk The Line. I’ll close with a quote from that.

Warden: Mr. Cash, please refrain from singing songs that would remind them that they’re in prison.
Johnny Cash: You think they forgot?

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