Scrubs Is Back Baby!

The long wait is over, Scrubs returns tonight with *two* new episodes. I had almost forgotten where things were left last season.

In other tv news, I love that Fox has been airing reruns of House on Mondays. I’m getting caught up, slowly, but I’m getting there. I’m also not ashamed to admit I watched 4 of the 5 nights of Deal Or No Deal. It was entertaining, and even more fun to talk about with my peeps. 😉

I’ll close with a quote from Scrubs.

Janitor: Gentlemen. Crazy-Eyes Margo. I’ve called the Brain Trust together for one reason. I have to find a way to make Blonde Doctor mine.
Randall: Burn down her apartment.
Troy: I have an idea. But we’re going to need a tugboat.
Janitor: Tugboats and arson, that’s all I ever get from you guys.

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