Same Old

Thought I should write to let you know I’m still here. Everything here is same old, except I have Diane hanging out with me. We haven’t really done anything exciting, just regular stuff. Elijah is entertaining us every day. We did a trip out to Cherry Creek North, and we’ll go back on Saturday with Geoff. Today we may go to the Aurora History Museum and tonight for dinner we’re going to On The Border. I’ve only been to On The Border once, with the Gathering group on night (Kaisara, Cate, Roland, Chris, ect…). Tomorrow we are going up to Boulder, probably check out Pearl St. and grab some lunch.

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween. We had a lot of fun, but we hardly got 20 kids. 🙁 The people on our block just weren’t doing anything. So next year, we want to make our house showy, to draw the kids in. There is a house around the corner from us that went all out, a graveyard on their front lawn, and a car accident in their driveway. I doubt we’d go that far, but something has to be done.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Chad!

I’ll close with a quote from Red Dwarf.

Kryten: Causality? Well, OK, you know, one event causes another, OK, but sometimes, you just gotta say, the laws of time and space? Who gives a smeg?

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