Runaround Sue

Yesterday we drove Geoff to work, then I took the car to go to Mom To Mom (which was great). After it ended, I got in the car and drove to Social Security, taking the extra long way because I was in the wrong lane and ended up heading toward the new house. Once I got to SS, it was a 125 minute wait for a 1 minute process of them verifying my identity on paper to give to the home loan people. Argh! Now I was very annoyed, but I have to realize there were two factors that made the visit to SS longer than it should have been. #1. I went at noon, so half the workers were on lunch. #2. Another portion of the employees were out at Lowry helping out the recent LA evacuees who have come to Denver. Ideally, there will be no reason for me to ever return to SS. But I can look forward to a long wait when i have to renew my driver’s license in March. Joy!

We’re cat-sitting for the next couple of days for Paula, Simon’s mom died. She doesn’t know how long she’ll be gone, she is helping Simon with the funeral arrangements. Paula seemed okay, she said she just spoke to Simon’s mom a few days ago. I’ll have get to Hallmark to get a card for Simon.

No plans have been cemented for the weekend, which is nice. We may try and get some boxes, I might convince Geoff to take down the spare bed to make room for boxes, or we may do a whole lot of nothing. A flexible weekend is a great thing.

I’m going to close with a quote from The Simpsons.

Rainer Wolfcastle: [singing] Mein bratwurst has a first name, it’s F-R-I-T-Z / Mein bratwurst has a second name, it’s S-C-H-N-A-C-K-E-N-P-F-E-F-F-E-R-H-A-U-S-E-N.

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