We’re all a little off this morning, Elijah kept us up from 2:30am-5:00am. He just wanted to be held, and only by mom, and only in an upright position. Poor Geoff has to work, whereas Elijah and I will be able to nap. On the plus side (there’s a silver lining in everything), Elijah didn’t throw up yesterday. Yay!

Someone is planning a trip to Aurora for March, I’ll post more when it gets solidified. It almost seemed like husbands were against visiting Colorado for whatever reason. At least one wife is still planning on coming in the fall, with or without hubby.

No plans for the weekend. The usual chores, and if Elijah is still really ill, he & I will stay home and Geoff will greet at church by himself.

Next week is our anniversary, 9 years. Whoo! No plans. 🙂 I told Geoff I can wait on celebrating until we get to CA. I mean out there, we can easily get a babysitter and we could go out to dinner, or something. It’s all up in the air. Who says you have to celebrate on the day of? One thing that is certain is that I get flowers, it’s our one tradition.

Sunday is Athena’s baby shower, I hope she has a good time. It should be all about her, because once the baby comes, you fade into the background. But you get to beam when people tell you how beautiful your baby is.

I’ll close with a quote from Apollo 13.

Marilyn Lovell: Blanche, Blanche, these nice young men are going to watch the television with you. This is Neil Armstrong, and this is Buzz… Aldrin.
Neil Armstrong: Hi.
Blanche Lovell: Are you boys in the space program too?

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