Reject Me? No I Reject You!

We put an offer on a house on Monday, and they rejected it, offering to drop the price $2K. We countered by saying let’s meet in the middle, because Tammy (our realtor) did research and found that they were asking for more then other houses on par with it were selling for. They rejected that saying no way, it is their price or no deal. So we’ve walked away and we’re back out house hunting later this week.

Disappointing, but it’s just not a good money decision to pay more than you should (unless you are desperate). I’m certain the bank’s appraisal would have come to the same conclusion that Tammy did, and then there might have been problems with the loan.

God’s Hand has been over this whole house hunting endeavor, so we put our faith in Him that He’ll lead us to the right house.

In any case, here are the pictures of the house that almost was.

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