Okay, I have 10 minutes before my ride to the race gets here, so I’ll try to get out as much as I can.

I love San Diego. It’s beautiful. We got in late Friday night (late being 8pm) got settled in the hotel and asleep by 9:30. Didn’t sleep well, none of us. Both last night and the nigh before, Elijah slept so fitfully, he doesn’t get into deep sleep until 3am.

We checked out the expo at the convention center yesterday (got Geoff a new running hat), and then met up with Anna, Francesco & Julia at Balboa Park. You need a few days to see all it has to offer, had we more time, I would have wanted to see some of the museums there. As it was, we just had a picnic lunch which was lovely and spent time watching the kids.

Last night Cate, Kaisara, Jen & Greg met up with us in the Gaslamp district and we had dinner. Not the original dinner we planned, but a nice one nonetheless. The best part was we had so much time to talk. I really missed them. We’re gonna get together again later this week, so Elijah has a chance to crawl around, instead of us passing him once someone got tired.

It’s go time. Geoff is as ready as he can be. My ride (Sean & Jen coming down) will be here soon, and I have to get Elijah’s car seat out of our car. I hope to go down to the harbour area this afternoon. Geoff said he’ll want to keep moving.

Stay Classy San Diego!

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