Ok, now that I’m done blogging the vacation, I can move on. I don’t know how many people found it worth reading (thanks Sharon), but it was as much for me as it was for anyone else. And if anyone gleaned some new restaurants to try, then it was worth all the effort.

As mentioned, we got back from our trip and Elijah got sick, then me. This week it was Honey Cat and Geoff. Miles is the only one who escaped. Geoff didn’t have what Elijah and I did, his was something far less painful.

On Saturday, we went to Whole Foods (in Aurora) and it’s a much better store than Cherry Creek’s. For one, it’s at least twice the size. We picked up some satays and corn on the cob for dinner that night. Sunday after church we drove up to Breckenridge. It was supposed to be over 100 degrees down here, and comfortable 70s in the mountains. The drive reminded me of driving in the Canadian Rockies. Until you get to the high plains, which was weird to me. To be in the mountains, but it’s farm land. Kind of odd, but beautiful. The town was just how I pictured it, and I can not wait to get back. So many shops, and no time to look at it all. It’s hard to shop with two little ones.

Driving past Platte Canyon High was a little surreal. This was the school that suffered a tragedy this year with a shooter taking kids hostage, and one girl died. To see how small the community is, to see the school you’ve only seen on the news. It makes you sad. It made Geoff want to drive to the sheriff’s office to thank him for the job he did, as hard as it was.

Our temps here have been very warm, and yesterday I finally got out Elijah’s alligator pool for him to enjoy. I posted some pictures of that on shutterfly. The plans for this weekend are to go to a bbq, and if we’re up to it, we might try to go back to the mountains. We’ll see what transpires.

We watched For Your Consideration over the weekend, so I’ll close with a quote from that.

Lane Iverson: You can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater because then all you have is a wet, critically injured baby.

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