I don’t put much faith in superstitions, though I know many people who do. Though I won’t walk under a ladder, I don’t believe something bad will befall me if I do. I think this one is funny, If you have 13 letters in your name, you will have the devil’s luck. The date is not going to keep me from leaving the house.

Geoff is working a half day, then we’ll head out to the mall to pick up his glasses. We’ll also stop in at Harry & David to see Kevin and Nicole. I imagine we’ll go to Peet’s too.

Thanks to Roland for bringing to my attention that Wendy’s is giving away free jr. frostys all weekend! Whoo-hoo! We live within walking distance of a Wendy’s! Too bad the offer isn’t available in Canada.

Because there are some deals you just can’t pass up…we bought The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide for $10.19 from Even with shipping, it was cheaper than Barnes & Noble was selling it for. And we found out last night Barnes & Noble stopped selling it at the discounted price. Now I’ll be able to read past the third book. Regarding the movie, we will likely rent it, since we don’t go out to movies. I don’t trust all reviews, frankly there are times I think I will enjoy something and I am disappointed.

Well, I should get out of my jammies at some point. I hope you all get the chance to listen to Stevie Wonder’s Superstition today. Or even Stevie Ray Vaughn’s version. 🙂

I’ll close with a quote from Scream. I was so happy it was on the other day, they always show Scream 2, and I like the first one much more.

Tatum: Oh, please don’t kill me, Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel!

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