Oh Yeah, It’s Winter

We’ve been getting snow every few days. It’s nice if you can get some sun to dry up the roads the next day. I really, really do not like driving on snow & ice. Call me a wuss, I don’t care.

I’m nearly done shopping for Christmas. I may be able to finish this weekend. I would like to get a tree this weekend too, if we have time. Geoff won’t put up the fake one, he says only LED lights this year.

Tomorrow night (weather permitting) we’ll go to the Parade Of Lights. We don’t know yet when (or if) we’ll make it to Zoo Lights. Really, I’m content to drive around our neighborhood and look at lights. It’s fun enough for me. 🙂

Nothing else is going on. Bible study has wrapped up until January.

In tv news, January will be a great month. The return of Burn Notice, Psych, & Lost! I’m tired of reading the movie news on IMDB, because it seems every other story has the word “remake” in it, and I just cringe. There are a ton of books out there, can’t they adapt them? Why do they have to remake old movies?

Right now, the boys and I are watching Chicken Little (AGAIN!) So I’ll close with a quote from that.

Buck Cluck: I’d like to see the movie they make about you now.
Chicken Little: I just hope they stay true to what really happened.
Buck Cluck: Oh, son. These people are from Hollywood. The one thing they will never do is mess with a good story.

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