Not A Nervous Mom

I’ve tried to be a laid back kind of mom. I don’t like to call the doctor over every little thing. My kids have been fortunate enough to never visit an emergency room.

But last night when both kids were up several times complaining of ears hurting, I grew mildly concerned. They’ve had a wet cough all week to boot. I checked their temperatures first thing this morning, and they were sitting around 100 degrees.

“Hey Daddy, that water in Miles’ ear must have leaked out some ear wax.”

“Uh, ear wax doesn’t leak out”, he told me.

My kids have never had an ear infections, and I wasn’t sure how to go about treating it. So we took them into the doctor. Both kids have ear infections. Sigh. Well, at least that made the co-pay worthwhile. I hate paying for an appt to be told “They’re fine”. We’ve got ear drops, and antibiotics on standby.

Here’s hoping both boys get well soon.

I’m taking tips on how to make the kids more comfortable, if you have any.

3 thoughts on “Not A Nervous Mom

  1. J gets frequent ear aches and he seems to like to lay his ear on a warm pack. The heat seems to help him feel better.


  2. My kids get them from time to time, and the Dr gave us these ear drops that numb the ears for the pain.

    I've found that my lap is PERFECT size for two toddlers. OR… one teenager (Yes, my 18 year old daughter still asks to sit in my lap when she gets shots. She's a dork)

  3. Oh No! Ear ache is the worst! especially for kids. I get outer ear infections often and it isn't pleasant. The warm pack is a nice idea, especially if you have one of those cuddly toy ones with the warm pack in the tummy, that way they feel like they are being snuggled as well! Good luck hun!

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