I’m way too nosy for my own good. I’m sure there is a more appropriate word for me. As much as I like surprises, I like to know stuff more.

As a child, I would always snoop for my Christmas presents. It got to the point where my parents would hide my gifts at the neighbor’s house. Or the trunk of the car. Or the trunk of the neighbor’s car.

It’s bugging me that my husband, who abhors shopping on Black Friday, rose early to go out and buy my gift.

What did he get me?!

Do I really want the surprise to be spoiled? No. But this excitement is too much to be contained. In an effort to thwart me, he wrapped the gift while I was out doing my own shopping.

Let the speculation begin!

One thought on “Nosy

  1. Our Pastor today used that hopeful feeling of a Chirstmas gift to describe the hope we have in our Savior, Jesus. Maybe every time you get antsy to know what Geoff got bought you can use that as a reminder of the hope you have in Jesus.

    I must admit, now I wanna know what Geoff bought 😉

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