Nobody’s Perfect

This picture was taken 5 years ago when we visited Ottawa. That’s me, back when I felt like I loved Canada. I have to remind myself that no country is perfect, they all have their flaws. Geoff and I hate that it feels like we are being treated as 2nd class citizens sometimes.

We called Passport Canada to get an update on Geoff’s passport application. There was a problem with his picture, so they sent him a letter on Wednesday (which we obviously didn’t get). After being frustrated by the plebe on the phone, he asked to speak to a manager. well he was on break, but Geoff insisted that he’d wait on hold. I’m sure you know how it’s easier to solve a problem if you can talk to a real person, and if that person has some authority. To sum it all up, this guy is going to handle it personally. Geoff is going to resubmit a new photo, and his passport will be sent to Calgary. They are returning his ID so he’ll be able to enter the country.

We were talking about it last night, and I was telling him how I wasn’t looking forward to taking the trip without him. Elijah and I were still going to go regardless of Geoff’s status, since he needs to meet his Grampy, along with the rest of the family (and friends) who haven’t met him. We’re much less stressed now that there is a solution working it’s magic.

I guess now I can get excited. I probably won’t feel that way until my feet hit Canadian soil. Or at least until I am standing in line at the Harvey’s in the Calgary airport. 🙂

I don’t know if you are hearing about this where you are, but a Denver police officer was killed last month by an illegal immigrant. He ran to California, then back into Mexico where his grandma turned him in. Mexico has a policy of not releasing criminals if they face the death penalty or life in prison without parole. Canada, as I understand, will also not release a criminal (or suspect) if they face the death penalty. I couldn’t find anything about their stance on life imprisonment without parole. I don’t think that’s fair for them to decide that the person should be eligible for parole. Geoff said if he sits in Mexico prison for the rest of his life, he doesn’t mind. I guess I just hope the family can have some closure. Like I was saying earlier, no country is perfect.

I’ll close with a quote from L.A. Confidential.

Ed Exley: I’m talking about the gas chamber, and you haven’t even asked me what this is about. You’ve got a big “Guilty” sign around your neck.

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