Musical Leanings

Since I left KUCI, I haven’t really been on top of what’s new and hip in music. If I cared more, I could find an equivalent station here (or make a point of regularly tuning in to KUCI). As it is, I rely on tv and popular radio to find my new music. In my iTunes shopping cart right now is the new Depeche Mode single Precious (which I think it excellent) and the poppy Click Five tune Just The Girl.

Video iPods. Yeah, they’re cool, but I don’t really feel the need for one. I am keen on having the nano, because it will allow me to carry around pictures of Elijah, and it is so lightweight.

After almost a week of problems with our alarm system, we finally have it solved. They gave us new keypads for free. Our old keypads, which came with the house just were not cutting the cheese. I feel a lot better about the whole situation. Now, I just need to get Sofamart to get us our tables (which we ordered a month ago!), and hopefully my calling and complaining days will be behind me.

It’s gorgeous out today, we’ll be hitting the high 70’s (or 20’s). Supposed to be the same for tomorrow. Funny to think it’s was snowing this time last week.

Yesterday we had company over for the first time. It was awesome. Once the pumpkins were carved, the guys watched the Bronco game, and the girls hung out talking at the dining room table. Jayla and I also took Elijah & Jayden to the park by our house. In the evening Geoff and I watched a science show, something about the best things to ever happen to physics. It was hosted by Bill Nye, and it was pretty entertaining. We crashed at 9pm though, it was just too much excitement for us. 🙂

Well nothing else to say. Tonight we’ll watch Dream House. It’s about a couple trying to build their house near Boulder and the trials they went through to make it happen. It’s kinda funny because the first few episodes reminded us of what we had to endure getting our house. I said to Geoff when we started watching it, that all they need now is for the wife to get pregnant. Yep, that happened next. It airs on HGTV. It seems like all I do is watch HGTV, but they have a lot of good shows. You ever see Flip This House? Last week, a crew dropped a huge waste bin, and it slid down the hill, and trashed one of the guys cars. Totaled it! It was cool.

Okay, I’m closing now with a quote from Finding Nemo.

Nemo: Hey dad! Maybe when I’m at school, I’ll see a shark.
Marlin: I highly doubt it.
Nemo: Have how ever met a shark?
Marlin: No, and I don’t plan to.
Nemo: How old are sea turtles?
Marlin: Sea turtles? I don’t know.
Nemo: Sandy Plankton from next door, he says they live to be a hundred years old.
Marlin: Well, if I ever meet a sea turtle I’ll ask him, right after I’m done talking to the shark.

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