Music Soothes The Savage Beast

I was telling Lisa (a few weeks ago) that I was listening to a song, and it just put things in perspective for me. Here’s a snippet of the lyrics…

Holding on to problems that were never really mine
searching for solutions that I know I could not find
calling on You help me realize and now I see
there really is no mystery oh Lord You hold the key

Let go of my troubles, let God have all those
don’t have to worry no more
Got to be free now, You can help me now
let go let God

I had such a peace about everything after I listened to that song, I ended up playing it like 3x. It’s Let Go Let God, off the Prince Of Egypt Inspirational album.

I find music (and prayer) can usually turn my attitude around. I just need to take the time to do that, instead of dwelling on the negative.

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