While I’ve totally been lacking in sticking my nose in a book, I’ve been catching up on some movies I wanted to see (thanks On Demand).

50 First Dates. Very cute. I really liked this, and it made me a little teary. Also, the soundtrack is awesome, especially for an 80s nut like me.

Six Degrees Of Separation. I love Will Smith, so I finally got around to seeing his first movie. I wasn’t familiar with the play, or the storyline. It was alright. I likes the flow of it, but could do without the nudity. Will Smith is interesting in it.

In Good Company. I like Topher Grace, I find him enjoyable in all his projects. But this movie was pretty disappointing to me, and no I didn’t feel like he “phoned it in”. I guess I expected more out of the movie, that the characters would do more, or grow more. So I kinda feel like it was a waste of my time.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get out to the movie theatre. My church is offering free babysitting from 8:30am-12:30pm. And there is a huge Chinese Theatre between where we live and where the church is. Never been there, but it looks nice. Instead of buying theatre snacks, I may pop into the Harry & David near the theatre and pick something up. Mmm, Moose Munch.

I’ll close with a quote from 50 First Dates.

Lucy: [to Henry] I hardly know you.
Marlin: Actually sweetie, you’re kind of dating him.
[Lucy looks at Henry]
Henry: Yeah. Sorry I’m not better looking.

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