Mother Of Two

It’s a little weird for me to think I’m the mother of two children. I’m working on blogging the birth story, trying to rest when I can, and email people who haven’t heard the news.

Everything is going alright thus far. My body hurts (understandably), and I’m working on trying to have extra grace and patience for the boys & man in my life. It’s an adjustment for everyone. Well maybe not Honey Cat, not yet anyways.

Today we walked a little at Southlands, mostly for the fresh air. Tomorrow we have to go to the pediatrician and possibly to AAA to test drive a Vue.

I’ll be watching the Oscars tonight, but it’s not a big deal to me. I may not stay awake for all of it, sleep is a precious thing you know.

I’ll close with a quote from 50 First Dates.

Lucy: [to Henry] I hardly know you.
Marlin: Actually sweetie, you’re kind of dating him.
[Lucy looks at Henry]
Henry: Sorry I’m not better looking.

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