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The bunny who visits our yard

With the release of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest this week, we were finally able to see it! What an excellent movie, equally as good as the first one. We bought it knowing we’d love it, and we did. I’m happy that 2007 isn’t so far away, I’m anxious to see the conclusion.

I don’t really feel like I did a ton this weekend. Saturday I went to the Trails and walked. I haven’t been to my aquasize class in a while, I may try to get to one of the daytime classes, and see if that works out better. I just don’t like having the class at 6pm, and then making it a late dinner.

Sunday we had a good church service, and I made Rice Krispie Treats. Mmm.

My Christmas shopping is going okay. I have a bunch of stuff waiting to get wrapped and shipped to Canada, but the thing I ordered online has not come yet. So, some gifts just won’t get there in time. Even if I rushed them, Canada Post and Customs suck and there would be no guarantee they’d arrive on time as promised. I think next year either everyone gets giftcards, or checks. 🙂

My Christmas shopping for U.S. people is so much less stress. I’ll pick up Geoff’s gift from Elijah this week, as well as Kelly’s & Elijah’s gifts. Geoff and I aren’t exactly exchanging a gift this year. We decided to get the family membership to Trails, and we’re paying it off monthly. So we’ll give each other a few stocking stuffers and that’ll be it.

It’s almost a month to my 30th birthday. Just mentioning that.

I want to be excited about my trip to Irvine in 18 days, but I’m more focused on Christmas. But I have my plans set with the Pursley’s & Eseras. And I told Cindy she’s got me all day on the Saturday. I mostly foresee hanging out, and not doing much else. We’re going back in July, so there is no pressure to accomplish anything. Though I would have liked to hit Disneyland (naturally).

I’ll close with a quote from Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dead Man’s Chest.

Jack Sparrow: How did you get here?
Will Turner: Sea turtles, mate. A pair of them strapped to my feet.
Jack Sparrow: Not so easy, is it?

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