Before Elijah started Kindergarten, I knew he was going to bringing more stuff to school. And I didn’t want anything to get lost. Because I’m cheap and didn’t want to have to keep replacing his stuff. A friend clued Geoff into a local business that offered personalized name labels. He encouraged me to share the info with the Mile High Mamas, but before I could, they knew about it too.

Kidecals is a Boulder company offering fun name labels, wall decals, or if you really need it, allergy-alerting stickers.

I was pleased with the colorful design options, and of course you can get something custom made to your liking.
Here are the labels I ordered for the boys’ water bottles

I’ve hidden our phone number, it doesn’t need to be public

I’m thrilled with this product. The stickers are washable, and easily removed. I totally recommend them! And you should “like” them on Facebook. Hilary (the owner) advertises discounts on there!

*Disclaimer*- I paid for these labels myself. I really liked the product, and thought you’d want to know about them too.

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