I feel like I’ve been waiting for July forever. Amy & Brody’s wedding has been on my mind since they got engaged, and now it’s two days away. I know it’s weird to be an honorary Krolik and have never met Brody, but he lives in Reno, and we live here. But we’ve been invited to come out to Reno to see them, and they’ve been invited out here. So we’ll get to know each other better soon enough. I’m super excited for the wedding. I am certain Amy will be a beautiful bride, and it will be a wonderful day.

We’re not too stressed about the drive. We aren’t setting up unrealistic goals, we just need to get to St. George tomorrow. We’re bringing a laptop, so I hope to stay in touch with you all. Don’t expect an update until Sunday. Saturday is busy with arriving, getting settled at the house, taking Elijah to his godparents’ house and Miles, Geoff & I going to the wedding.

I have my checklist of everything I need to do today, and thankfully Geoff is working a half day so he can help tackle that list.

Keep us in your prayers for a safe drive.

I’m closing with a quote from The Rock.

Paul (hotel barber): Okay, I don’t want to know nothing. I never saw you throw that gentleman off the balcony. All I care about is: are you happy with your haircut?

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