Is This Thing On?

I’m here, I just haven’t had anything blogworthy to write about. Which I take as a blessing. Too many people I know are stressed, depressed, or dealing with newborns. And I go about my quiet life, thankful for the quiet. Have to say honestly, that all these new babies & pregnancies stir feelings in me. Then I remember I still have two in diapers, and the feeling passes. 🙂

September was okay, but October is what I am excited for. It means seeing Chad & Khara again, bible study starting up again, running on a relay team for the Denver Marathon, and my in-laws are coming to visit!

Everyone has been pretty healthy this fall (thus far), the weather has been awesome, and I’m even finding time to read again. I have travel fever pretty bad, and no money to soothe it. I’ve got a good start on my Christmas shopping, or least laid out what I plan to buy (which is also hindered by lack of money).

I’ll be oh so happy once the stupid election is over. I’m not even sure what I would do if I could vote. Neither candidate seems to have my issues at heart. Too bad I’m not stupid, then I could be swayed by what some celebrity tells me I should do. All the country’s problems solved! I am mildly concerned about the money market problems, but it’s hard for me to see how I’m affected (although Geoff says our retirement stuff isn’t doing so hot).

I suppose I’ll close now with a quote from Fringe.

Peter: Something on your mind?
Walter: Please. The term “on your mind” vexes me with its depictive inaccuracy.

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