Is It Spring Yet?

We’ve had a mild winter, and yet I’m still yearning for spring to get here. We haven’t had much snow, but I’m longing to see green again.

New Year’s Eve, we watched the Survivorman marathon on Discovery and drank champagne. Struggled to stay awake until midnight, then fell asleep. We’re such party animals! New Year’s day our friend Cristina came over for a ham dinner. The boys loved it, someone new to play with! Elijah loves Cristina & her “messy hair”.

Yes, I set some resolutions. Lose weight (I have a goal in mind), read more, and learn something new. Throw in there, forgive more and love sinners. No biggie, right?

January is gonna be a good time for new tv. Psych, Burn Notice, & Lost are all coming back. Sadly Eli Stone may be gone for good. I”m holding onto hope ABC will run the last of the episodes they shot this summer. I think ABC is stupid for letting it go. Do we really need more reality tv?

I’m not really going to say much on the upcoming award season. They nominate the same old shows every year, kiss the same people’s butts. I’ve openly professed that I think Tina Fey is OVERRATED! Whatever. As long as Slumdog Millionaire gets some recognition, I’ll be pleased.

I watch a LOT of children’s programming, so I’ll close with a quote from Peep And The Big Wide World.

Chirp: “A talking log! Oh log, I’m such a big fan of the work that you and the trees are doing for us birds.”

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