How Droll

Yesterday I thought I was getting better, from whatever had befallen me. It seemed to be just a cold, then something with sinuses, but today I’m practically hoarse. But my need for Kleenex has subsided, so while I can’t really talk, I can at least go out in public.

There’s a reason I read the obituaries, it’s to find out who died, and obviously to inform the un-informed. For instance, I found out that Uncle Norman passed away. He was my (paternal) grandma’s brother. I only saw him at family reunions, but his family was kind enough to acknowledge Dad’s passing. So I sent them a note. I also told all the Torrances, since other than reunions, we don’t see the Harkes. No one seemed to have known.

Blackadder: Baldrick, have you no idea what “irony” is?
Baldrick: Yes, it’s like “goldy” and “bronzy” only it’s made out of iron.

Wednesday night I spent some time with Lisa on the phone, and I said some stuff that looked an awful lot like irony the next day when I was calling her to vent about nearly the same thing. Ah family, ain’t it wonderful! 🙂 Lisa, what would we do without each other? Is that island ready yet?

I’ve pretty much given up the idea of coming to Alberta this summer. Sorry to everyone who had their hopes up (all 3 of you). It’s more than I want to take on alone (traveling with Elijah). We’ll all have to wait until the 3 of us come up, when the time and money comes for that.

The plans for this weekend are chores, and taking Geoff out for Father’s Day breakfast.

I’ll close with a quote from Ren & Stimpy.

Stimpy: [praying] And please bless Grandma and Grandpa…
Ren: And please give me a million dollars, and a fridge with a padlock and, oh yeah, huge pectoral muscles.

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