Hot Hot Hot

It’s stinkin’ hot here. I’m not surprised, I just haven’t adjusted to it yet. I can’t say enough how happy I am to be home. It’s just hard to be away that long, plus travel & family can be stressful. Overall, I’d rate the trip a 6. There were some annoying things that had to be dealt with, and that’s the big thing. But I have a lot of great memories to take away from the trip. Elijah seemed to like everyone, and everyone loved him, so what more can you ask for? I’m seriously considering skipping Alberta next year, going to the condo in Victoria, and just having everyone go out there for a few days. That’s if it’s financially feasible.

I’m unbelievably itchy (thanks Calgary!) from mosquito bites. I can’t remember the last time I had to deal with that. They aren’t bad here, and it sounds like Calgary has it much worse this year than in years before. Blame it on the rain (thanks Milli Vanilli!).

Paula says Honey did great, and was very affectionate. Well, she loves anyone who provides food. I’m thankful for Paula’s willingness to cat sit. I should try to take her out once I get some spare coin (ha ha ha).

As mentioned, I was doing laundry today. And I exaggerated on the photo count, it was at 136. 🙂 I picked the photos out, I just need to upload them onto my server. That would also require having 2 hands to do that… so we’ll have to wait until Elijah goes to bed.

If you visited the baby blog then you would have seen the link to the pictures Athena took at the baby shower. My friend Cate noticed that I had cut my hair. Yep, it’s short, and I love it! I wanted something low maintenance since I don’t have time to be spending on my hair.

Well there is unpacking to be done, so I’ll close with a quote from The Thomas Crown Affair.

Detective Michael McCann: Can I drop you off someplace, at your hotel?
Catherine Banning: One, I keep an apartment here, and two, I am going to your office.
Detective Michael McCann: [after a pause] She keeps an apartment. I keep goldfish .

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