Happy Canada Day!

Elijah celebrating Canada Day this year.

Elijah celebrating Canada Day last year.

He’s grown a little hasn’t he?

We were able to enjoy the sun and art at the Arts festival. No, we didn’t buy any. We’re not in a financial place where it’s important. I’m thankful that they were handing out sunscreen and even had sunscreen stations, because I’m an idiot and I didn’t put any on before leaving the house. Now I have some in a small size to throw in the diaper bag! We got some money out of the bank and decided we’d buy supplies for dinner at Whole Foods and the Farmer’s Market. What did we make?

Homemade pizza with basil and fresh asagio cheese. (Lisa, I know how much you like me posting pictures of food on my blog!) Naturally, we cooked it on the charcoal bbq, my new favorite way to have pizza. My friend Amy thanked me for introducing this to her menu, she and he husband love it too.

Well, that’s pretty much been our day. Hope my Canadian friends, family, and American friends visiting Canada today had a lovely Dominion Day. I’ll close with one of my favorite Jim Carrey quotes.

“Yes, Canada. It was a frozen, hostile wasteland. And there was much work to be done if we were to survive the elements. After boring a hole through the ice to find food, my good friend Nantook and I would build an igloo to protect ourselves from polar bears. . . and flying hockey pucks. Then we would drink a lot of beer. Then when Nantook was ready, he would tell me the story of the Great Moose. . . who would say to the little squirrel, ‘Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.”

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