Elijah and I have something in common, we both have grandmas visiting!

It’s been fun having my grandma here, and my mom is happy to return to Colorado. We went to the mall on Wednesday, mostly to window shop. Yesterday we enjoyed the brunch at Mom To Mom (by the way my breakfast hash dish turned out awesome!), then in the afternoon Mom bought out Harry & David’s & I looked for clothes at Kohls. Today we hung around the house and went to the park two doors down. It’s was a little draining to drive Geoff to and from work just to have the car.

Mom & Grandma fly home tomorrow morning. I hope they enjoyed hanging out with Elijah (who wouldn’t). I enjoyed having someone to play cards with (especially crib because I won).

Tomorrow morning is also Geoff & Elijah’s first parent & tot swim class.

I don’t think I listened to any music this week so no random ten today. I’ll close with a quote from My Stepmother Is An Alien.

Steven Mills: I think… I think…
Celeste Martin: What?
Steven Mills: Would I scare you… if I told you I love you?
Celeste Martin: Not unless you hit me at the same time.
Steven Mills: I’m serious.
Celeste Martin: So am I!

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