Good Stuff

– Kelly is interviewing Zach Braff tomorrow. She leads a rough life. (*the interview has since been cancelled. I’m bummed too. But she tells me she’s got an interview with Rob Zombie coming up.) You can find her work here or her other stuff on her blog.

– iTunes lets you pre-order The Killers’ new album Sam’s Town, so you can get the single When You Were Young and not have to buy the song twice when you get the album.

– I’m watching The Tube several times a day, a new music channel that shows only music videos. Revolutionary huh?

– Our trip to Vegas is in less than two weeks. I’m hoping to not lose all my money, and not to melt in the heat.

– Look at the nice stuff Chris had to say about me..“so melissa is the big winner everyone. ….there’s a big surprise ; ) she now has bragging rights, and must hereby be addressed by ‘oh great, wise contest winner who’s watched too much tv’.” (Chris-I forgot to link to it, mea culpa. I fixed that.)

– Amy & I are going to the Art Museum on Saturday. No kids, no husbands. Geoff & Elijah are going to go to the farmer’s market to get homemade peanut butter.

– I think our problems with ADT may finally be behind us. I realize I’m inviting trouble by declaring this. 🙂

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