Good Eats

I tried two new recipes this week, one was a skillet lasagne (or lasagna), and the other was peanut butter cookies. Both turned out very well. If interested, I can email them to you. The skillet lasagne I saw on America’s Test Kitchen, I was looking for meals we could make that wouldn’t involve using the oven. Since it cooled down later in the week, I was willing to make cookies.

Alton’s show, Feasting On Asphalt (previously blogged about), is an awesome show! It does ignite a desire to do a road trip though. But we have enough going on in the coming weeks (Vegas, Cate & Kaisara’s visit, Athena & Stephanie’s visit), that a road trip will have to wait until next summer.

I miss Lisa, she’s on vacation, and called today to say she was staying longer! 🙁

I’ll close with a quote from Caroline In The City (gee sure wish I could watch it in reruns).

Richard: How could anyone not like the opera. Opera is transcendent. It is the most intense musical experience a person can have.
Caroline: Plus you get to wear those neat, long gloves!
Richard: You know, I’m certain that’s what Mozart had in mind when he wrote The Marriage of Figaro. ‘Oh, goodie, now women can accessorize!’

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