I don’t know if it’s making news where you live but here in Aurora, it’s been a strange week.

Monday a little 6 year old girl was reported missing, presumed to have runaway. As the week progressed, there were no leads, and her father supposedly wasn’t being too cooperative (the mother lives in Detroit). Last night, they reported on the news the authorities believe the little girl was murdered, MONTHS AGO! They have found no body, and details aren’t being shared, but how does a family conceal a death of a child. They have 7 older kids in the house. Here’s the story.

It’s so disturbing. The longer she was missing, the more I thought the whole situation seemed fishy. The nighttime temps here were very cold, so if she was outdoors somewhere it would not bode well. If someone had her, I figured there would have been more leads. I’ll continue to watch this story unfold, and pray for the family.

In my world, not much has been happening. I can hardly believe how quickly time is passing (I know I say this a lot, but I am still in shock over it all). It’s Friday? Thanksgiving is next week? Yikes! as I mentioned the weather has been chilly, so I haven’t done much. I finally made it to the post office to mail off the “birthday week” package (Dylan, Dawn and Colin all have their birthday in the same week). Mom To Mom was good, I missed seeing the ladies. But we’re off next week for Thanksgiving.

This weekend I think the plan is to do some shopping, get our Christmas lights, and watch the Broncos beat the Jets. 🙂

That’s about all, so I’ll close with a quote from Strange Brew.

Bob McKenzie: I was the last one left after the nuclear holocaust, eh. The whole world had been destroyed, like U.S. blew up Russia and Russia blew up U.S. Fortunately, I had been offworld at the time. There wasn’t much to do. All the bowling alleys had been wrecked. So’s I spent most of my time looking for beer.

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