Friday’s Random Ten

Thanks to Chris and Roland, I’ve been inspired to post something other than ten random songs. I’m gonna post the ten best concerts I’ve been to. (Not that I’ve been to a ton of concerts.) In no order of favorites or dates (since I wouldn’t remember dates. Actually I found a stash of ticket stubs in a box in my closet. But I can’t be bothered to put them in order).

Tragically Hip – House Of Blues Sunset Blvd (with Geoff)
Smashing Pumpkins – Edmonton Coliseum (with Geoff, Barry & Doug)
Barenaked Ladies/The Waltons – Jubilee Auditorium (with James Harrison)
Rolling Stones/Blues Traveller – Commonwealth Stadium (with Doug)
Collective Soul – Shaw Conference Centre (with Heather & Barry)
Blue Rodeo – Jubilee Auditorium (with Barry)
Our Lady Peace – Dinwoodie Lounge (with Geoff, Barry & Doug)
Captain Tractor – Churchill Square (with Susie, Meghan, Doug & Kirsty) (really I could have picked any time that I’ve seen CT)
Spirit Of The West – Winspear Centre (with Geoff)
Wide Mouth Mason/Matthew Good Band – Reds (with Geoff, Barry, Doug & Karen)

Honorable mentions go to… Whitney Houston (with my mom), and The Beach Boys (with my dad).

As you can see, I haven’t gone to many concerts since I left Edmonton. Mostly due to 2 factors:
1. money and
2. someone to go with.

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